Customized Glass Decor for your Home or Office

Everyone uses glass in so many different ways every single day of your life, it’s hard to imagine what our world would be like without glass. We drink orange juice from glass for breakfast, we look out our glass windows to see the great outdoors, the glass windshield in our car keeps the wind out of our face. Your computer screen or the screen on your mobile phone is also made of glass. The most glass that we encounter is clear see-through type glass, however, glass can also be used as a dazzling art medium and especially when it is used in custom decorative glass applications.

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Glass-Menagerie Art Studio – Custom Decorative Glass Service. Production & Installation.

The Glass Menagerie Studio of Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides highly customized glass etching service to any business or residential customer within the USA. Our glass art studio has the artistic expertise and highly skilled artisans that enables them to create custom decorative glass innovations using any number of artistic glass fabrication techniques. Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Custom Stained Glass Windows

A stained glass window requires hundreds of colored pieces of glass that are hand-cut and carefully shaped to match the pattern. Then those pieces of glass are assembled using a centuries-old stained glass lead came assembly process. Stained glass windows have been traditionally used in churches, synagogues, and other places of worship but contemporary stained glass windows are now very much at home in domestic entryways, corporate office doors, interior dividers, restaurants, mega yachts, and many other applications.

Discover more about this timeless art form by reading our blog post titled ‘Stained Glass Studio – Artistic Decor Enrichment’ then explore our stained glass gallery to discover the many remarkable examples of decorative custom stained glass window installations.

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Stained Glass Windows w/ Religious Motive

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Custom Shower Stained Glass Windows

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Stained Glass Window Panels

Customized Glass Etching & Engraving for Your Windows, Doors and So Much More!

Custom-made etched glass windows start with an ordinary piece of architectural clear glass. Anywhere from 3/16” to 3/4” thick. Then, our glass studio artist turns that into an exquisite piece of Glass Art that is worthy of display in any high-end art gallery. Each art piece is hand-made by a skilled technician using a high-pressure sandblast glass engraving technique. The sandblast artist has an unlimited number of etching levels available to produce hundreds of special surface effects.

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Custom Etched Glass Door Panels

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Etched Glass Bathroom Window

Two-Dimensional Surface Glass Engraving

The sandblast artist can use the high-pressure sandblast engraving technique to generate a lightly shaded area, leaving it almost clear, right up to a completely obscure frost that appears to be almost white. This glass engraving technique is referred to as two-dimensional etching because the glass is only surface etched. However, the artistic effects that can be achieved with this technique are quite remarkable.

Our glass etching services include two-dimensional etched glass technique or glass engraving for custom designs of kitchen cabinet doors, shower enclosures, interior room doors – both domestic and commercial office applications, restaurant seating dividers, pantry, or laundry room doors – where the lettering is requested, and many other applications. The design styles can range from simple geometric patterns such as clear squares or diamonds on a frosted background, geometric border patterns, or a very effective combination of geometric etching plus the application of faceted glass jewels or bevels cold-fused to the glass surface.

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Fully-Custom Glass Engraving Service

3D Custom Glass Carving

For this process the Glass Menagerie sandblast artist utilizes the same high-pressure sandblast equipment to literally cut deep into the glass, to produce a three-dimensional sculptural relief texture. The designs that can be created using this technique are truly spectacular. Some of our most sought after glass engraving designs are underwater seascapes that feature tropical fish, coral reefs, sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, and even sunken ships. We have created tropical forest scenes with birds, plants and flowers, oriental dragon designs, European garden displays with fountains, and so much more. We have created several corporate glass engraved Logo displays from simple signage lettering to elaborately carved representational product exhibits. The design possibilities using this technique are limitless, please bring your wildest idea and allow our artists to blow your mind.

Three-dimensional Glass Carving is a perfect way for added color. Our airbrush artists have a full palette of color that they can use to add highlights to design with some spot color or they can paint the entire scene to make a realistic representation. We have created and installed dozens of domestic entryways with double doors, sidelights and transoms with an extravagant cohesive design that is fully painted and realistically illustrated.

We design and create custom airbrushed mirrors, custom painted shower enclosures, custom painted glass tables, and countertops, plus many more applications. Our exclusive designs are created specifically for you to match your requirements, the colors can be customized to compliment your décor, enabling the custom colored carved glass to make a statement that reflects your lifestyle.

LED Illuminated 3D Glass Panels

Decorative three-dimensional custom glass scenes, etched glass logo, or any engraved or carved glass artwork can be further enhanced with the addition of LED edge lighting that literally lights up the deeply etched areas, making them visually pop off the surface. LED illuminated carved glass is fast becoming our most requested productions, especially for shower enclosures. Our installers embed the LED strip lights into the framing of the shower enclosure.

The LED lights cannot be seen until the switch is turned on and the carved glass design becomes an illuminated eye-popping art display. LED illuminated carved glass is not limited to shower enclosures. imagine a corporate office board room window wall with a curved glass display of your Corporate Logo, your Company Vision, and Mission Statement, or your product – all glowing spectacularly from the edges with LED lights.

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

LED Illuminated Etched Glass Logo

Artistic Glass Slumping Customizations

When the glass is heated to 1300°F begins to slump and bend and will be imprinted with the texture of the surface that it is resting on. We have a glass kiln that is large enough for us to accommodate a standard door panel enabling us to take advantage of this glass slumping phenomenon to create a solid glass panel with custom decorative designs that are permanently imprinted into the surface. This slumped design can be left as a clear colorless texture or we can add colored glass powders to the surface of the glass before firing the kiln to heat fuse the colors into the surface to produce impressive effects. Be sure to browse through our Custom Slumped Glass Pictures Gallery to inspire you to dream up a slumped glass project for your home or corporate office.

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Custom Slumped Glass Doors

, Custom Decorative Glass Service for Office or Home Artistic Improvement

Door Panels Customized with Glass Slumping

Glass Menagerie Studio offers thousands of possibilities for you to have the Decorative Custom Glass Door, Window, or Internal Glass Panel that you have always wanted. You will have the opportunity to work closely with our designers to produce a custom door, custom window, custom shower door, or corporate entryway to perfectly suit your style and budget. Our skilled artisan technicians will produce a precision work of art no matter if you choose custom stained and leaded art glass, custom etched glass, custom carved glass or custom slumped glass. Call us at 954-735-8191 to set up an appointment so we can create a long-lasting Custom Glass statement just for you.