What’s The Difference Between Etched Glass And Carved Glass?

We are often asked to explain the difference between etched glass and carved glass. I talked about etched glass in a recent blog titled ‘Custom Etched & Sandblasted Glass: The Perfect Enhancement for Your Home’. Both types are created using the same sandblasting equipment and techniques however the carving process goes much deeper into the glass to create a 3-dimensional/ multi-layered pattern with relief . The visual effect of a carved glass design is nothing short of stunning. On the etched glass we do not brake the surface of the glass as we do in carved glass, we use different tones/shades of frosting to create depth and perspective, if well executed the surfaced etched/tonal etched glass is just as stunning as the carved glass.

Color Makes All The Difference

The major difference between Etched & Sandblasted Glass and Carved & Airbrushed Glass is the addition of vivid color. After the glass has been carved, the etched surfaces are colorized using a wide-range of color dyes and precision air brushing equipment to enhance the sculptural effect by adding shadows and color highlights to bring the airbrush glass design to life. The color dyes can be translucent or opaque with a shiny, matte, or metallic finish depending on the effect the design calls for.