Custom Stained Glass is not just for Churches anymore

Stained glass window production has a rich heritage with time-honored techniques that we take very seriously. READ MORE

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  • Steakhouse Restaurant
  • Pink Peacock Entryway with Transom
  • Tropical Transom Triptych
  • 18 Foot Diameter Stained Glass Back-lit Ceiling Fixture
  • Stained Glass Entryway Door Panels – Tropical Flowers

Stained Glass Windows Production

Just like all stained glass companies, we will start with the design. The first step is always to establish a design style in consultation with our client that will meet the requirement of the installation location and fit into the decor of the room. The design is important but we must also consider how your stained glass window will be viewed. Will it be installed in an exterior opening with natural lighting, and interior wall with subdued lighting or will the location require artificial LED backlighting? We need to ascertain the possibility of obstructions beyond the opening such as trees, roof overhang, buildings close-by, anything that may affect how the light will fall on the window.

The Lead Came Assembly Process – A Time-Honored Tradition

The Glass Menagerie studio technicians are highly skilled in the traditional custom stained glass lead came assembly process that has been used for hundreds of years. The lead channeling must be shaped to fit around each individual piece of glass then it is positioned to match the design. When the entire design has been assembled the lead is soldered and the channels are sealed using cement putty to ensure it is rigid and rattle-free.