At Glass Menagerie Inc. we take the utmost pride in our glass etching service, producing high-quality designs and finished products for our customers. We have been producing one of a kind handmade pieces of functional glass art for 31 years now so we are doing something right. We continue to grow as artists and come up with new techniques and highly custom glass etching designs to WOW our customers consistently.

Glass Etching Service, Glass Etching Service
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What is Etched Glass?

Etched glass technique was developed as an art form in the mid-1800s and was referred to then as French embossing. It was used then like it is today in both residential and commercial spaces.

This form of glass art comprises the techniques of creating an artistic design on the surface of plate glass by applying acid/etching cream or abrasive substances that remove minute amounts of the glass surface that cause the unique characteristics of the translucent and frosted glass look.

Although we mention acid and etching creams as a form of this art, our glass art studio focuses mostly on the abrasive sandblasting techniques. We consider the etching creams as a side product that we use in creating random textures that you otherwise could not create with sandblasting techniques.

Sandblasted Glass

Abrasive blasting or sandblasted glass as it is referred to today is a technique using high pressure from an air source to blow abrasive materials onto the exposed surface of plate glass that gives the face of the glass the desired frosted look, the longer the stream of the abrasive mix is concentrated in one spot the deeper the cut thus giving the completed piece a 3-dimensional piece of art.

Etched & Sandblasted Glass Doors Full Preparation and Installation

Custom Glass Etching

With our custom glass etching service, you can turn any plain glass panel, door, or window into beautiful pieces of art so the use of it in home decorating and businesses can be limitless. Entryways for homes are by far the biggest project requests we are commissioned to produce.

The custom glass etching will turn simple entryways into statement pieces that would make any homeowner proud to display to their family, friends, and neighbors. Besides the design factor, it also gives much-needed privacy as this is the main reason given by our customers for hiring our services.

Etched glass shower doors would have to be our second biggest request for our glass etching service followed closely by windows as this allows the decorator or homeowner to create privacy or block the view of something you may not want to be seen by your guests.

Business entry etched glass doors and signage are also high demand projects. Custom glass etching with corporate logos sand carved onto the face of the glass with colour applied with spray brushes or poured depending on the desired effect. All designs from traditional to contemporary can be sandblasted on the glass as a positive or negative image depending on how much privacy is desired by the customer.

Glass Etching Service, Glass Etching Service
Glass Etching Service, Glass Etching Service
Glass Etching Service, Glass Etching Service
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Frosted Glass Art

Custom etching on the surface of the frosted glass can be done on any thickness or treatment your glass may have had done. Tempering or heat strengthened does not require much pressure because you are not cutting into the surface of the glass but frosting it in different tones and shades. This way you achieve the depth and dimension that give the design the required 3-dimensional unique look. Frosted glass surface being user friendly makes for a wide range of applications within a home or office space such as frosted glass doors, shower enclosures, windows, wall art, glass tops, and counters etc…

Glass Etching Service, Glass Etching Service

Glass Carving

Glass carving which is a more technical and skillful form of sandblasted glass art. Combined with surface custom glass etching makes for a superior looking product. The dimension created by combining both techniques gives you unmatched with any other glass art form effect. This is one of the many reasons interior decorators love working with this art form as it changes the look of any space it is used in significantly and makes the decorator look good and in turn more business for us.

With glass carving a masterful sandblaster can create stunning works of art starting with well-designed artwork and combining carved and frosted glass techniques to create artwork that will stand the test of time as glass art never goes out of style. The carved glass technique also allows us to add color. This is quite difficult on the glass as paint doesn’t bind to glass as it does to other surfaces. The color is applied either by spray gun, rubbed, or sponged to create subtle and heavy textures and the pouring process which collects the pigment into the deeper carved areas enhancing them and giving an as subtle wash of color over the higher areas of the glass panel.

Glass carving, unlike glass etching, is not recommended on the thinner plate glass. We recommend 3/8” and thicker for longevity and safety purposes mostly. Tempered glass can be carved which opens up more possibilities and makes it favorable to use in homes and the yachts.