Custom Stained Glass Windows, Doors & Panels

by Glass Menagerie Glass Art Studio
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Stained glass windows are often used for interior design ideas, because they look beautiful, bring much light and yet keep your privacy (stained means it is made using colored glass as a material). Stained glass techniques can be used to create artistic and custom windows, doors and ceilings. Traditionally made in flat panels and used as windows or doors, the modern glass artists like us can also combine it with other techniques like glass etching getting the stunning almost 3d effect. The design of a stained window may be abstract, with nature theme or figurative – but in our case: the sky’s the limit. If you can imagine it, we can make it come to life!
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Custom stained windows & coloured glass artwork samples:

Coloured Glass Customized Shower Windows
Custom Stained Windows - Hand Painted
3 Panel Custom Stained Glass Windows
Glass Window w/ Chinese Dragon Design

Coloured or stained glass technique require very skilled and detail oriented artist. Creation of an authentic, high-quality stained glass doors panels or windows is extremely time-consuming. Each colored piece of glass must be shaped to fit around each individual piece – then it is positioned to match the design. Once the glass composition is completed the entire artwork must be assembled & soldered together with the lead. The channels are sealed using cement putty to ensure it is rigid and rattle free. Glass-Menagerie provides handcrafted and fully customized stained glass windows & panels to our clients nationwide. Send us an image of your liking, or call and give us your own vision. We will create the most stunning and unique colored glass composition for your home or office.

Stained glass doors artwork samples:

Glass-Menagerie philosophy is an individual approach to the customer, so every project is absolutely unique and “tailor-made”. You will find many breathtaking examples of our custom artwork in our showroom. Projects made using various glasswork techniques. However, in searching for ideas, we encourage you to take a look at all of our glass art sections, as the inspiration can come from an unexpected source. We combine the design, artistic assembly and detail oriented manufacture processes within our projects giving you ready to shine artistic windows, doors or glass panels. From the design stage of the project, we start thinking about the artwork globally. Taking into consideration the location of the building or the character of the interior. Our designers are also the executors that actively take a part of the manufacturing process.