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GLASS MENAGERIE (Specialist in Etched Glass & Carved Glass)

Glass Menagerie is a boutique art glass studio with skilled artists and expert technicians engaged in the creation of one of a kind works of art in glass. Our knowledgeable team is accomplished in a wide range of glass applications including traditional stained glass, painted glass, deep carved glass, etched glass, and kiln formed glass (see our Gallery Showroom).  

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Richard May is a passionate artist since 1986.

He is naturally talented in the creation of etched, carved and airbrush glass by hand. He used his own hand and techniques that make the process very natural and detailed. He creates unique luxury items on every piece.

Glass Art Decoration will stop being an art if a computer could do it

Richard May does his own sandblasting, carving, and etching. He is well known in the South Florida area because of his techniques to create welcoming and beautiful designs that will leave the guest talking about the art.  He has a large clientele in the area with a tropical theme request, which is some of his most requested art themes. Tropical Theme and Marine themes are most popular for his team.

We have over 35 years of Experience and Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we take pride in offering the best service, selection, and design capabilities. Our boutique-sized approach enables each client an opportunity to work directly with our artists – assuring quality craftsmanship and project satisfaction. We specialize in the field of art glass design and fabrication. Decorative Glass Specialist & Glass Artists since 1986.

Our experience is focused in etched glass, illuminated glass, carved glass, custom etched glass windows and mirrors,  painted glass, LED lighten glass etching.  We focus on creating one in a kind type of glass art, depending on what the customer wants and the space available. Most of our jobs are residential, commercial and marine projects. We specialized in all South Florida counties. Broward County, Palm Beach, Miami Dade County, Monroe County and we also can ship to any location.

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, About Us
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Illuminated Glass Art With Superior Glass Etching Service

We are proud to provide an uncompromised Glass Etching Service. With 31 years of perfecting our style and techniques our glass art studio is your one-stop-shop for any decorative glass project. Whether you are decorating a restaurant, yacht, office, bathroom, room, or home space having illuminated glass designs will leave guests amazed by your decoration. The slow color-changing LED Lights will enhance and transform any area.

Illuminated Etched Glass Panels Decor for Office and Home

Take a look at the etched glass panels artwork examples. The theme is a swordfish swimming underwater, however, we have made space theme, tropical themes, and any type of design that can be made with artistic, one of a kind decorative glass.

Slumped & Carved Glass Art Studio

Illuminated carved glass is a detailed process of combining several techniques such as glass carving, glass etching, glass blowing, and illuminating it with multi-colored LED lights. More importantly this type of decoration is suitable or fit for any interior or exterior space. LED Lights do not require maintenance and work for years, which is another beneficial factor or Illuminated Glass Decoration.

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