I hear it from my clients all the time. “The curtains and blinds in my home (or office) make the room so dark and gloomy – I need to open this space up and LET THE LIGHT IN!” We couldn’t agree more. At Glass Menagerie our artists work very closely with our clients to design custom etched glass windows & sandblasted  panels to replace those curtains and blinds with an attention grabbing designs. Our etched glass windows will enable the sun to shine into your room while providing a full-measure of privacy at the same time.

Our Inspiration Comes From Your Ideas

We have spent the last three decades developing and refining our own sand etching technique. The process always starts the same way, with a custom design that is created by our artists after consulting with our client and other professionals, such as interior designers. Once the design is finalized and approved, we begin by covering the entire glass surface with vinyl sheeting then we use the design to hand-cut the vinyl to make the resist stencil, exposing the portions of the glass that need to be etched.

How The Sandblasting Process Works

The glass panel is then place inside our sealed etching room where we use our high-pressure blasting tools to blow an abrasive onto the exposed areas of the glass. The abrasive etches into the glass rendering an opaque or translucent surface thus blurring visibility while still transmitting light creating amazing Sandblasted glass design. The artist can regulate the pressure and vary the blasting time in specific areas to transform the depth of the carving that will enhance fine details in shading to achieve an impressive 3D effect.

If It’s Made From Glass, We Can Etch It

Custom Etched Glass or Sandblasted Glass Design is commonly used to enhance grand entryway doors and windows, shower enclosures, glass tabletops, cabinet doors, room dividers and many other applications. You will find our work installed in private homes, condominiums, high-end restaurants, offices, and luxurious yachts.

We Create One-Of-A-Kind Etched Glass Windows, Shower Enclosures or any Artistic Glass Partition

Etched Glass Windows & Sandblasted Glass Designs can range from simple frosted geometric shapes to intricate tropical landscapes, underwater scenes of coral reefs, beachscapes or anything your imagination desires. We specialize in one-of-a-kind pieces of art, designed to enhance the beauty and warmth of any décor style.

Custom Etched Glass, Etched Glass Windows & Sandblasted Glass Design

Give Us The Opportunity To Turn Your Idea Into A Work Of Art

Glass Menagerie offers a full spectrum of Custom Etched & Sandblasted Glass. Please visit our website, https://www.glassmenagerie.net to view our work in the Etched & Sandblasted Gallery. Then call us today at 954-735-8191 and allow me, Richard May, to help you develop the look you’ve always wanted.